September 14, 2011


This past week, at the Tea Party sponsored GOP Presidential candidate debate, the moderator, Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul a hypothetical situation question. To paraphrase it, he asked what Ron Paul’s solution would be for a situation where a healthy man, 30 years old, without health insurance, was struck with a debilitating medical problem. Who should pay? Ron Paul went into his normal Libertarian claptrap answer about how we must accept responsibility for our own decisions. At this point, members of the audience, the Tea Party ultra conservative crazies began to chant “Let him die. Let him die” A video of this incident is here.

Today on the internet there this short video of a Utah traffic accident where a motorcyclist was trapped under a car with a fire starting. A group of people, maybe 5-6 begin to try and pick the car up to move it. Failing that, more people run up and soon there are more than a dozen straining to pick the car off the victim. The hold it up in the air on its side, while another person drags the victim from the car. Within seconds, the EMTs and fire department have the fire put out and the man is being treated.

Now, you tell me, which of these two groups of people best represent Christian values and which group is a hypocritical mass of faux Christian idiots with no idea of what their faith actually means or stands for?

Yea, I thought so.