October 15, 2012

A few notes about why there has been so few notes...

When Mrsfabp and I decided that we were going to retire, it set in motion all sorts of planning, dreaming and setting expectations. Sure, we visited LCNM and knew what to expect but were also open to different possibilities. Like, we never would have expected to get a dog, and now we have two (more about that news in a later post.) So, new possibilities continue to present themselves and we have the time to explore and experience.

As retirement planning and dreaming went forward, there were knowns and unknowns. We knew where and when to retire but did not have a place to live. We knew we were going to have some time on our hands but didn't know how we were going to fill it. Personally, I began making a mental list of things I wanted to do - go out to take more pictures, maybe a new hobby like making some jewelry, write two different blogs, finish the great American novel I had stored I my brain. Time equaled opportunities and I was going to grab them all. This is the point at which real life stepped in and required a few course corrections.

The first big issue with this was, and I can't think of a better way to put this, was for me to get out of Mrsfabp's face. I sort of confused doing fun things with her with doing ALL things with her. My time became our time and her time became my time too and pretty soon I was in some sitcom pilot about the guy who was driving his wife nuts and believe me, Mrsfabp put a stop to it pretty quickly. She told me she needed time for herself and I needed to find something to do. This is where the expected and unexpected crossed beams and a plan was developed.

First I started to volunteer at the Bosque State Park, a place I had visited and enjoyed a great deal. Four hours a week was a small time commitment that would leave me plenty of time for writing.

During my first couple of shifts at the park, I saw several notices about the Dona Ana Camera Club and looking into a bit, saw that it could be a good experience for me to further develop some picture taking skills. And besides, a few hours a month was a small time commitment that would leave me plenty of time for writing. 

Soon after this I was helping the park education director out with some small computer problem and she mentioned that the Friends of the Mesilla Valley Bosque group was looking for someone to help out with some computer things. And then I was meeting with the group president and he was offering me a  chance to take over the Friend's digital newsletter and perhaps do some of their social media things. So I agreed and besides, a few hours a month was a small time commitment that would leave me plenty of time for writing. 

Then one day I showed up for a camera club meeting early and there was a group of club members planning a symposium for the fall and I was invited to join in and when I mentioned I had taught some basic computer classes, they asked me to put together a basic digital photography class for the symposium. So I agreed and besides, a few hours a month was a small time commitment that would leave me plenty of time for writing. 

Then there was the photo exhibit at the park, and the Branigan Cultural Center exhibit that I entered, and the matting and photo mounting class I took, and day trips with our friends, and the computer hard drive crash, and suddenly there wasn't much time for writing and I didn't update my blogs for too long a time, and well, you get the idea. It is ironic that I had to wait until I retired to see how much more I had to do.

So, this is not an excuse but an explanation. And it's not likely to get easier anytime soon as we have visitors coming in a couple of weeks and then there is the symposium in a few weeks (more about that too, son) and the photo of the year contest and the camera club logo contest and Dios de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and now I've been asked to serve on the friends of the Bosque Board, and Thanksgiving is coming and we are doing this Sunday morning dining out thing at different restaurants each week, and there is always Nellie's every Saturday morning and the Farmer's Market, and.......