January 30, 2014


I've been missing writing my blog for a while and was determined to get back to it. However like any good procrastinator, there were always a whole lot of reasons why this was not possible.

Too busy? My Facebook wanderings beg otherwise.

Writers block? Tell that to the hundreds of emails, facebook posts and reports I have written in last several months. I don’t think so.

Working on photography stuff? Again the proof is in the pudding or lack thereof.

Waiting until I migrate the blog to a different website? Dude, the regular site is fine for now and even if I post many more posts before the move, it will all move with me. Stop procrastinating, please.

The straw that broke the camel's back came yesterday however. I was looking to see what were the last few posts on the blog and made a somewhat startling and thoroughly embarrassing discovery. In 2010, I wrote over 160 posts or about one every other day. In 2011 it was 83 posts or about 1.5 per week. By 2012 it had fallen to 38 or bit more that one every two weeks. This lead me to the disaster called 2013 with 16 posts or a bit better than one per month.

Did I finally run out of things to say. Oh come on, I don't even believe that. 

Did I get lazy or too attached to the Banal Facebook spell? Moving in the right direction. 

Did I just become too complacent? BINGO!

So, anyway, back to the grind of regular blogging. It really isn't a grind but does require me to be more dedicated to writing, more disciplined to write more and more creative to get the ideas I have out of the brain and onto paper.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months you will hear more.

And now a couple of random recent photographs...

Fossil from a storefront support beam in Cloudcroft, NM

Rosaries from the Farmers market in Mesilla

Old wind pump in Soledad Canyon, NM