January 29, 2012


- Last time I mentioned that there is nothing so funny as seeing Skippy running through the living room trailing one of Mrsfabp’s knitting projects behind him. Well now I know that there is nothing so sad as seeing Skippy run through the kitchen with the last two pieces of pizza in his mouth. Tragedy!

-We attended the Red Paint Powwow hosted by the Chiricahua Apache Nation, up in Silver City. There we were treated to several dozen Native Americans celebrating their culture, with traditional drums, songs and dances by people wearing wonderfully ornate, colorful and decorative clothing. This is a culture that goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. They performed several types of dances and songs and it was announced that you could follow the singers on Facebook and Twitter. Talk about having one foot in the past and one foot in the future…

-To take this one step further, how difficult must it be to be a part of this cultural heritage that celebrates with such passion and going back hundreds of years while living in this modern world? How often do these ideologies collide? How often must difficult choices be made?

-While scratching Skippy’s belly, Mrsfabp was commenting on how nice his fur color was. Her exact statement ended with the phrase “for a mutt.” At which point Skippy stopped rolling around on his back and gave her the saddest face I have seen on an animal. She corrected herself by saying “for a mixed breed” and Skippy immediately began rolling around on his back again and smiling. Coincidence? I think not…

-It is like Christmas when you wake up and find a package on your doorstop that you have no idea about. Nothing beats the feeling when you discover it is 12 bottles of Casco Bay Beer and its already cold. Thank you CollegeBoy and MissNicole for the first of 3 Christmas surprises!

-I have used Apple Care 3 times, twice on the iMac and once on the iPad. All three times, issues have been resolved quickly and easily. By my account that makes it Apple Care 3, every other IT support I have ever used, Zero!

-Do you know what you get when you help someone in the parking lot of the Pan Am Center after a basketball game? Well Mrsfabp got a trip... off the curb and onto the pavement where she scraped her face, knee and jammed her finger. She also won another free trip... to the local fire department so that a few of the guys could cut her ring off her finger because it had swollen so much over night. They get a free tray of brownies coming to them for their efforts.

-This has not been a good week for wedding rings. I lost mine and have no idea where it could be other than at a local pawn shop. Now Mrsfabp had to have her's cut off her finger. It is a good thing our mariage is strong enough to get past this. Like Mrsfabp's sister says, "It could be an omen..."

January 26, 2012


Sometimes a blog post just jumps onto the page, like the one recently about the Red Paint Powwow. Other times, ideas need to percolate a bit. I usually do this while waiting for something. Well this past week I have done a lot of percolating because I have been waiting. No, not the “mañana” kind of waiting that my friends Clair and Bill talk about. This was medical waiting room waiting, the worse waiting time of all.

When we were planning our move to Las Cruces, we knew that we would have to start up with all new doctors with all kinds of tests. However I should have realized what I was in for when I was in the hospital here on our last visit, because I spent 8-9 hours in the emergency room. But no, I didn’t make that connection until it was too late. So in the past two weeks I have had a total of 6 experiences and I am going to rate them.

For those newer readers who wouldn’t know, a long time ago, I developed a rating scale, based on a 0-5 rating of Penguins. All you really need to know is that you would want to be on the 5 end of the scale,not the zero end. For more details about the scale, see this post where I explain just how each level is come to.

I will not use names in this blog post. Listen, these are doctors that have my health and well being in their hands and I will not take any chances with that. But now, on to the experiences.

Primary Care:

I have been into his office 3 times, two visits and lab work. I have not had to wait more than 5 minutes any of those time. Outstanding, for medical experiences. He gets 5 penguins!


Despite having completed the paperwork before my appointment, I wait almost 90 minutes in his waiting room, then an additional 30 minutes in an examination room after a tech took my vitals. I thought this might be my worst experience. I was wrong. But for now...1 Penguin


I was scared because there were TWO waiting rooms, both filled. Thirty minutes at the outset before being seen by a tech and then 20 more to see the doctor. At least they had a TV in the waiting room. If I only spoke Spanish… 3 Penguins


30 minutes in the waiting room, then 20 more in the exam room, followed by 10m minutes to see the tech and 20 more minutes to see the doctor. However, bonus points for having three people in the exam room at one time, all doing things and discussing options with me. Plus, there was nice artwork on the walls to look at. 3 Penguins.

Gastrointestinologist :

15 minutes in waiting room, 15 after the tech work. Piece of cake. TV in waiting room to boot. 4 Penguins

Hospital for Pre Op:

This is the one that broke me. I was a quivering mass of anger mixed with rage stirred with disbelief. 15 minutes to see admissions person. 15 minutes while they checked my insurance then 15 more while they determined if there was going to be any additional fees. Then I brought the admission form to the ambulatory care area where I waiting for 60 minutes, with only one other person being called into the exam rooms, while several waited with me. When I finally got called into the area, I had a tech take basic history, that they already had from my primary care records, got handed a sheet of instructions and sent on my way. All that waiting for that! No TV, no music, no cell signal, no nothing. I could have done all that from the comfort of my couch, on the phone. ) 0 Penguins for you…

Only 5 wasted minutes reading this blog post…Perfect!