June 26, 2013

Why U Mad ???

Yea, so it has been almost 6 weeks since I wrote last. Part of it was writers block, part recent medical stuff and part is that along with reddit boy, we have been working to move the blog (and a photography portfolio) to their very own domain. This is been hard to coordinate because, first I did not know how to use WordPress, and secondly, reddit boy is the urban social media type, in his job which eats up significant parts of his type. But we are moving there slowly. If you would like to see the progress, go to http://www.dylanhulser.com/PatHulserPhoto/ a take a look. Not too much there but construction is under way!

Life in Cruces continues its slow meandering pace. Retirement is good, the sky sunny, the time to work on projects etc. is delightful. I continue as the event planner for the State Park and just had a storyteller come in for a show. They usually charge about $350 for a show but because we are a state park and they were going to be in the area, and we had become friends with them in T or C at the hot springs, they did it for free. Attendance was not great but there were 8 people at the evening story tell and they were fantastic. We went out for a drink after and spent a couple of hours swapping stories and experiences with them and some friends. Again a wonderful time.

Two other things are on my horizon for late summer - I have been asked to run the annual symposium on photography which is a big learning experience for me. Also I am planning a Native American Heritage Day at the Park in November. That same day we met the story tellers, I met a NMSU business professor who was working with the Native American program at NMSU for NA entrepreneurship and he is going to make the project a class event where the students  will earn credits for all the work they do, which is significant. I got the Friends of the Park group to give $500 seed money and we are off. More about this as it develops.

Anyway, this has been my last six weeks and I am looking forward to continued work on the blog and photography site. By the way, I also taught myself basic inDesign, an Adobe graphic arts program and Lightroom, an image editing program for my photographs. And WordPress too!

Just because, here are two of my latest images:


Trapped Again