March 29, 2013

A Sunday Drive, Part 2: City of Rocks

(Continued from February 28th post)

So we continued our day out in the Deming area with a plan to see one more thing. We decided to pass on the Pancho Villa State Park because it was still further away from Las Cruces meaning a longer time to get home. We passed on Rock Hound State Park because we’re not the hiking type and so settled on City of Rocks State Park

When I first heard about this state park, I was not overly impressed. Yea, big rocks, nice views but nothing really grabbed me. As we rode along I began to wonder if this last leg of our day was so important. It was breezy and cool and a nice warm home beckoned me.

As we turned off the main road and advanced toward the park, in the distance one could see these large rock columns rising out of the desert. You couldn’t grasp their size as there was only the horizon as a guide but they looked large. The closer we got, the larger they looked up until we arrived at the park gate. They were huge! There seemed to be hundreds of them! They were spectacular.

All at once there was a feeling of power and quiet all at the same time.You could hear the wind whistling through the trees and rocks yet the campers, and there were lots of them, made no noise or at least none we could hear. We drove around the park road, marveling at the sculpture of rocks and the tucked away camping and picnicking sites. The afternoon light added a nice soft golden glow and all seemed at peace here. It made me glad we adventured here and we made some plans to come back and camp here sometime soon.

Below is some pictures of that day. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them and experiencing them.

This car gives perspective of the size of this rock group that is NOT one of the largest!

I can never get over the color of the sky...

These last two shots show a hole to the sky which is why I liked them Can't tell if the horizontal or vertical is best but I like the vertical because of the rock texture