May 21, 2014

All Aboard!

I like trains, no doubt about it. As a kid we used to take the subway into NYC. We had a train set in our basement that provided many hours of fun. When we had our own children we took them on many train rides - Conway NH and Lancaster PA to name a couple. When we first moved to New mexico, one of our early highlights was taking the Rail Runner Express up thru Albuquerque to Santa Fe. I like trains.

Recently when taking a couple of photography classes, the professor mentioned an abandoned Southern Railyard up in Hurley, NM, near Silver City. When we planned a little getaway to Silver City, a stop in Hurley was a necessity, which we did.

First, a couple of notes about Hurley. There was/is a town in Wisconsin named Hurley, a mining town. Well it seems that many of the inhabitants decided back in beginning of the 20th Century to move to New Mexico because of the new industry there, copper mining. They settled in a small community, one square mile in size, and worked the mines. And yes, there in an abandoned railroad repair yard there.

We visited the town for a couple of hours and I took a set of pictures. They are in black and white because I felt that this lent itself to the feelings of abandonment and solitude so prevalent there. Hope you enjoy them.

Yard station
Two abandoned engines
Shock spring - the yard was strewn with them
Cooling vents
Drive wheels and engines
Old water tower


Anonymous said...

Beautiful ..captures another era..the Ansel Adams of new Mexico. ..bev

clairz said...

Fine work, Pat.

Jean said...

I used to work for Bechtel Civil and Minerals in Bayard, New Mexico, a small town between Hurley and Silver City. Bechtel built the concentrator for the Phelps Dodge mine in Hurley. We lived in Silver City, where we lived in the passive solar adobe home that I have told you about. We loved it there. Great photos!

Peter Wuelfing said...

Great photos Pat. Black and White was a wise choice. Next time we come down this will have to be a stop.