January 15, 2015

Obsession in Three Parts

Part 1 - Sun to Snow to Sun

So based on my recent posts, you might conclude that I am obsessed somewhat with the weather. This seems to be the usual around here in southern New Mexico. We always want to know how hot it will be, how windy will it get, will there be any rain, when is the dust arriving, or how long will this heat last.

As a photographer, I am uniquely aware of the power of weather changes because that is when photographs can show the most drama and capture a real feeling of helplessness. Since we have been here in New Mexico there have been 3 times when this power was suggested to me.

The first came on a beautiful March afternoon about 2 and a half years ago. After some cool weather, the day was just gorgeous and we got in touch with friends to go have an afternoon picnic at Dripping Springs, a local place we frequent. As we sat there eating we could feel the air suddenly get cooler and soon, massive clouds moved in. We were getting uncomfortably cold and decided to go up a little further to the visitor’s center. As we packed up, it began to drizzle. Although we only travelled about a mile further up the mountain, we may have gone 2000 feet more in altitude and as we arrived, the rain had changed to snow. So there we were in shirtsleeves scrambling into the building as the snow fell. In 20 minutes there was a considerable dusting. Another scramble to the car and car heater and we headed back down the mountain. By the time we got back to Las Cruces, the sun was shining and temps were still in the mid 60’s. This picture shows the beginning of the storm coming over the mountains at the picnic area.


clairz said...

I remember that day on the mountain! Your photos are gorgeous, Pat.

Anonymous said...

You take some hella photos, Penguin. Thank you for sharing.

I'm wondering if that helplessness compares to the helplessness I feel when we are down 6-1, bottom nine and have Drew, Young and Ryan due up.

Anyway, I think you might like to make a purchase. A couple years back, I got a WetTunes radio, a shower radio, but the really cool thing about it is the weather band. The band is manned (so to speak) by robots who report the weather as determined by NOAA, who seem to me to be the guys who get it right. They announce real geeky stuff like dewpoint and degree days and shizz like that. I think you'd like it. At least check out noaa.gov for weather for your joint.
- MM

Anonymous said...

I love your photographs & your stories! You have a talent my friend...Thanks for sharing! Sue